Better evidence for better policies. A paradigm shift is needed to counter vulnerability and increase people’s resilience

Plenary I Economic and social impacts of desertification, land degradation and drought (48)
Our fight against desertification and land degradation requires a more comprehensive approach, strengthening resilience to all kinds of  political, economic, social and ecological risks and instabilities.

Dealing with that complexity in a given spatial context calls for better knowledge, for better evidence. There is no need for rocket science. But  a whole range of disciplines has to contribute. And they all should not  just contribute individually, they should instead contribute jointly.

A  “nexus perspective” is not just needed on political levels, it is  also needed on academic levels. There are strong roles for development  research, applied economics and social sciences, earth sciences, life  sciences, environmental sciences – just to name a few. They all should  contribute to better evidence that is needed for informed debate, for informed policy making, and for informed action on the ground.

–Stefan SCHMITZ; Head of division rural development and food security, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ


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